Image of Steffen Horst, CEO and Co-Founder of Symphonic Digital

Writing The Most Compelling Call-To-Action For Your Paid Search Ads

Nothing makes people click on an ad faster than a smart and compelling call-to-action. But message ad copy has to be more than strong and enticing. It should fit what your customer is looking for when they get to your landing page. More importantly, it has to match their sense of urgency. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Steffen Horst, CEO and Co-Founder of Symphonic Digital, a company providing underserved small and medium-size companies affordable, tailored digital marketing solutions. Steffen walks us through the three states of urgency (Low, Medium and High) and shares how marketers can use search terms to intuit if users are low-risk or high-value. One piece of advice: it pays to appeal to searchers looking for “free.” Winning them now with a free trial or similar perk may make them more willing to pay later for the real deal.

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