There’s no doubt that blockchain boosts the level of transparency and security marketers need to do their job better and boost customer trust in the process. And it’s clear that Bitcoin is a disruptive technology that marketers need to get to grips with how to avoid losing ground to competitors in years to come. The opportunities are massive, and so are the problems marketers face when they seek to distill reams of news into knowledge they can use to know, for example, where their ad spend really pays. This is just one use case our host Peggy Anne Salz discusses with Peter Rujgev, a multi-faceted and multi-talented crypto authority who freely shares his insights via CoinPM News, a one-stop destination for industry developments and news. Peter provides a crash course in crypto, sharing his pick of top trends and destinations you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. A native of Bulgaria, Peter also talks about his other interest and ventures, which include the startup Currant and his work with Exergy, a sustainable engineering company based in the U.K.