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Vision, Values, Velocity: Former Babbel, Shiseido CMO Katherine Ray on CMO Success in 2021

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Growth is change.

So, growth marketers should welcome times of upheaval… especially if they are not the most successful brand in their niche. And that means chief marketing officers who are looking to disrupt markets in favor of their solution should sense opportunity knocking right now, at this very point in history, says former Babbel, Shiseido, and Hyatt CMO Katherin Melchior Ray.

Why? Because you should never waste a crisis.

“Everyone gets afraid in crisis times and yet, on the other hand, we always say that as marketers, we need to disrupt the market,” Ray says in the latest episode of CleverTap Engage, our CMO podcast on generating meaningful and memorable customer engagement. “Disruption… creates changes, and unknowns, and energy. And so, on the one side, there’s fear and possible loss, and everyone’s afraid of that all the time, but on the other side, there are openings, and that’s where the opportunity lies.”

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