The Pulse Video Show Debuts Today; Gary Schwartz Talks Mobile 2012 Megatrends

the Pulse untethertvToday (!) marks the launch of The Pulse, a new vodcast series produced by Rob Woodbridge, founder and owner of, in collaboration with MobileGroove. We welcome our guest Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile, Inc., North America Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and author of THE IMPULSE ECONOMY, a book that examines the evolution and future opportunities around mobile commerce and transactions.

Gary’s no-holds-barred analysis of mobile’s impact on bricks-and-mortar retail suggests America’s shopping malls are in for tough times in 2012 as users move from price comparison apps to making real-life purchases using cloud checkout services. We also discuss how Kindle Fire is blazing through the U.S. (and soon Europe), building on the analysis I just posted this week on MobileGroove. What is the likely impact on mobile marketing and how are users in key countries already embracing this new type of connected device? Tune in and find out! (You can follow Gary and all the tweets related to his new book at @impulseeconomy).

The Pulse moves fast

Providing short, digestible and insightful commentary, our new weekly series will focus on a different hot topic every month. This approach allows Rob and I to showcase the views of players across the ecosystem, providing a platform for stakeholders including C-level executives, tech innovators, app developers, brands, businesses, non-for-profit organizations and individual users. Topics throughout the year will range from mobile voice to mobile payments, and from education and healthcare to the always-on enterprise. (Please don’t hesitate to ‘pitch’ us. You can email me ( or DM (@peggyanne).

Each week the show will consist of three thought-provoking segments: The Big Picture, a wrap of what is highest on the radar; The Featured Guest, an informed discussion with a special guest; and The Goblet of Rock, where the hosts and their guest raise a glass to celebrate the company, app or individual they believe ‘rocks’ the space. This week Rob makes a toast to SoundTracking, the mobile app that makes music listening social and viral.

Next week…

The series will also be available for download via .

This month our topic is 2012 predictions that set the bar, and our guest next week is Chetan Sharma, who will discuss the top level findings of his recent survey and his pick of 2012 trends.


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