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The Profitable Channel You’re Probably Missing Out On With iHeartMedia’s Gayle Troberman

2 min read

Ad dollars follow the eyeballs. But in a marketplace full of channels and congested with paid, social and organic options, marketers must place their bets where attention is high and returns are impressive. One channel that delivers is audio. While other channels are challenged by the cookie-less chaos and squeezed by low audience attention metrics, audio remains the crowd-pleaser. Audio alone accounts for one-third of the media time spent by consumers and delivers significantly higher ad recall. Gayle Troberman, President and CMO of iHeartMedia, the #1 U.S. audio company that reaches 9 out of 10 Americans daily,  joins host Peggy Anne Salz on this episode of The Groove. She tells us why audio, specifically broadcast audio, is “insanely consistent and resilient” and shares best practices any company on any budget can follow to make a standout audio ad. Finally, she dives into how companies can engage with iHeartMedia and harness its Smart Audio tool to reach audiences and rocket ROI.