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The Future of Marketing Measurement with Babbel & Flexion Mobile

2 min read

We have far too much fun with excellent guests talking about garbage metrics in this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored. Peggy and John chat with:

– Sylvain Gauchet, who heads up Growth and Marketing at Babbel
– Lior Barak, data strategist at Tale About Data
– Mobile Hero Bjòrn Videkull, Head of Performance Marketing at Flexion Mobile

Along the way one of your hosts starts dancing (the one who definitely shouldn’t), another one of the hosts tells jokes (OK, both of them do), and we chat about the hottest new area in dating apps, which isn’t dating at all, and how one gaming company is becoming a music label. We also dive into the future of marketing measurement, the most key metrics for mobile growth, and whether GAID/AAID will go the way of the IDFA.

And yes, due to popular demand … we have added outtakes.

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