The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps (F+W Media, March 2013)

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps (F+W Media, March 2013)

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15 min read

The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps: A practical guide to affordable mobile app development for your business is my “how-to” guide equipping you to make, monetize, and market your mobile app. It draws on the vast experience of its authors and the insights of more than 25 mobile professionals and contributors to provide you clear direction, critical information, and best practices around developing, distributing and promoting your mobile apps.


M-Pulse ANALYSIS: inneractive Cracks The Code On Mobile App Monetization

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10 min read

At M-Pulse Rob Woodbridge and I catch up with Itay Gadot, VP Marketing at inneractive, to dissect app monetization models, debate the realistic range of eCPMs (and revenues) developers can expect and discuss the increasing (and surprising!) importance of rich media ads in the marketing mix.

The interview is entertaining and hands-on, in part because Innteractive has seen the market from all the angles. Founded in 2007 as an in-game ad network, inneractive has since evolved into a mobile app monetization exchange that pulls together the resources (and reach) of 100+ ad networks and local premium agencies.

Three Quick Tips To Monetize Your Mobile App

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10 min read

3 quick app tipsThe avalanche of mobile apps turns up the pressure on individual mobile developers to find new ways to rise above the noise and generate meaningful revenues. A great app is a good start, but developers determined to build a serious business also need a solid monetization strategy. Hillel Fuld shares three tips aimed at generating more clicks and — ultimately— more revenues.


Most mobile app developers have realized that earning a living from their activities is no walk in the park. Not every app achieves the success of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Fruit Ninja. Putting aside the issue of getting a mobile app discovered and downloaded, developers, especially on Android, are finding it increasingly difficult to generate any significant revenue from their apps.