Consolidate To Avoid Enterprise ‘App-ocalypse’

Apps & Marketing Strategy & Business
10 min read

Businesses are on the brink of an enterprise 'app-ocalypse' driven by the advance of cloud services companies and their workforce have added to their arsenal in order to cater to customers and deliver amazing (often times contextual) experiences. Driven by a desire to improve service and performance these businesses are unwittingly creating a chaotic — even crippling — user experience for their workforce.

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps (F+W Media, March 2013)

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps (F+W Media, March 2013)

Advertising & Brand Books
15 min read

The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps: A practical guide to affordable mobile app development for your business is my “how-to” guide equipping you to make, monetize, and market your mobile app. It draws on the vast experience of its authors and the insights of more than 25 mobile professionals and contributors to provide you clear direction, critical information, and best practices around developing, distributing and promoting your mobile apps.