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Singular Index Highlights Seismic Shift In Sources For Highest Return On Investment For App Marketers

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Facebook and Google continue to offer a safe bet to marketers eager to get their ads and apps in front of consumers on their smartphones. But the emergence of new platforms and players across the top lists in the Singular 2021 ROI Index suggests marketers are moving out of their comfort zone and adopting bold approaches to capture and convert new audiences.

Appetite for experimentation is huge—and so are the dividends when marketers look beyond the “usual suspects” to grow their audience and revenues. It’s the first year the ROI Index, which offers a comprehensive picture of performance-driven growth across the global mobile space, has added so many new networks (7) and platforms (5). It’s also a “compelling indicator of significant change in the mobile advertising space,” Singular writes on its blog.

The ROI Index, which draws from data from $1.5 billion in ad spend for 3 billion app installs via 500+ ad networks, highlights where marketers can get value—and results—for money. Singular, a marketing intelligence platform offering unified marketing data and analytics, ranks media sources, ad networks and platforms on spend, fraud rate, reach, ROI and retention.

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