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SHEROES’ Fearless Approach To Building A “Women’s Internet” and Involving Brands In The Conversation

3 min read

Without a doubt, women are a huge and untapped audience, a segment of the global population that will hold almost one-third of total private wealth by the end of the year. Brands and businesses that fail to connect with women are leaving money on the table. And organizations that empower women to communicate with each other create value (and opportunities) for everyone. In this episode of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO of SHEROES, the largest women-only social platform accessible via and the SHEROES app. The network, built on core values of safety, trust, empathy, counts 21 million members worldwide. It’s a total growing daily, driven by its founder’s vision and effective use of engagement marketing. Sairee, a recipient of awards, including the Editor’s choice for L’Oreal, Femina Women’s Award and Business Today and the Most Powerful Women in Indian Business, shares her strategy for involving brands in the conversation. She also talks about SHEROES’ mission to help women up the ladder with employment opportunities that allow a positive work-life balance.

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