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Sandsoft’s Miikka Lindgren On Massive Opportunities In The MENA Game Market

2 min read

MENA is a fast-growing gaming territory with high-paying and highly engaged players, but what will it take for the region to gain recognition on the global stage? Our host, Peggy Anne Salz, sits down with a Saudi studio for an insider look into the local opportunities and challenges. Miikka Lindgren, VP of Publishing at Sandsoft—a studio making waves in MENA and displaying impressive growth in a growing industry—shines a light on Sandsoft’s strategic focus on global publishing and its innovative approach to data-driven decision-making that underscores their commitment to sustainable growth. He emphasizes the importance of product as marketing, balancing short-term metrics with long-term growth targets, and staying focused amidst numerous ideas and opportunities in the industry. Plus, he gives us a sneak peek into Sandsoft’s arcade simulation game, Business Dude.