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Roadtrip Germany: Mobile Marketing with Delivery Hero, Flixbus, Soundcloud, & Yazio

2 min read

Mercedes, Oktoberfest, and mobile apps are what Germany is known for, right? Well, sort of.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we chat with the top growth marketers at major German mobile first or mobile centric companies: Yazio, Soundcloud, Flixbus, and Delivery Hero. Our goal: drive great cars, drink great beer, and learn what makes apps successful in Germany. And, of course, what German mobile developers make better than anyone else. (We succeed in one of those ambitions.)

Co-hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat with:
– Vincenzo Serricchio, Global Head of Mobile Marketing at food ordering app Delivery Hero
– Sergio Palau, Online Marketing Manager at mobility & travel app FlixBus
– Dora Trostanetsky, Director of Growth Marketing at music & audio company SoundCloud
– Carolin Rohte, Head of Performance Marketing at nutrition & health app YAZIO

We chat about marketing superpowers, marketing kryptonite, we get their true confessions about ultimate fails, and we learn about mobile marketing in Germany: what works, what fails, and what outsiders don’t know.

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