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Road Trip to Eastern Europe with Nakusi Games & Joom

2 min read

What’s better than a road trip? And in COVID times, we’re still doing them virtually, visiting Eastern Europe to chat gaming with Nakusi Games and retail with Joom, a marketplace you may never have heard of that has over 350 million customers in 100+ countries.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored we chat with:
– Vladimir Ilchenko, UA Lead at Nakusi Games
– Sergei Pustovetov, Traffic Manager at Joom

Our topics, acquisition, attribution, and localization. We also play Ad Win of the Week, give Peggy’s invisible bitcoin right back to her, chat about incrementality and media mix modeling, and discuss the biggest challenges in marketing mobile apps in Eastern Europe.

Plus, we have Mobile Heroes in the News, featuring:
– Aurelie Genet @ Flo
– Björn Videkull @ Bjorn Videkull Performance Marketing
– Thomas Hopkins @ Superpeer
– Jayne Peressini @ Dapper Labs

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