App Marketing Shifts From Installs To Engagement

App Marketing Shifts From Installs To Engagement

More apps mean more competition for users. This dynamic is driving user acquisition costs into the stratosphere. Companies have a choice: They can pay higher prices to acquire app users, or they can invest more effort in retaining high-value customers. Reams of recent research reveal a seismic shift to the latter as more app marketers sharpen their focus on approaches that emphasize “quality over quantity.” It’s all about keeping users loyal. App marketers are beginning to understand that the customer-centric rules of online, digital and physical marketing also apply in the App Economy.

Tapping Audience Data To Activate And Motivate Players In Your Mobile Game

Tapping Audience Data To Activate And Motivate Players In Your Mobile Game

App marketing is increasingly defined by a deep understanding of users personas and player types. User segmentation stereotypes (based on age, gender, location, and the times they interact with your app) limit your ability to understand and engage your audience. For the Big Picture, you’ll need to tap audience data based on how real people really interact with your app.

Understanding Why People Uninstall Your App

Understanding Why People Uninstall Your App

Mobile apps are where the real consumer engagement happens – provided companies and marketers add real value. While we have a sense of the features consumers care about most, it is essential to understand why they uninstall more than 3 of every 10 apps globally. We get some of the answers we need in a new report from mobile attribution company AppsFlyer.

SoLoMo: Tasti D-Lite BJ Emerson Talks Mobile Marketing & Social CRM

SoLoMoOn the heels of SXSW it's clear that SoLoMo is a fact, not a fad. I catch up with BJ Emerson , VP of Technology at Tasti D-Lite, the frozen treat chain with a cult following among health-conscious consumers as well as celebrities. The company doesn't just get So Lo Mo -- it has literally written the book on it, and will be releasing The Tasti D-Lite Way :Social Media Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave a bit later this year -- so watch this space.

BJ, a champion of SoLoMo and an authority on the ways companies can and should harness mobile and location to super-charge Social CRM, spoke at dozens of industry events in the last year, where he discussed the importance of moving beyond mobile integration of loyalty and rewards programs to really understanding the emotions consumers feel and want to express as they engage with brands on this deeply personal level.

The approach certainly delivers results. This last year went on record as the "greatest growth" year in the history of the 24-year old brand. The brand —whose popularity has grown largely by word of mouth — is a veteran when it comes to customer engagement and social media marketing. Beyond U.S. growth, Tasti D-Lite is also expanding internationally, opening locations in Mexico, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Using Mobile To Drive Customer Acquisition

mobile customer retentionThe holiday numbers are in, the mobile user surveys are done, and the implications for brands, retailers and marketers are profound. Mobile has become an integral part of the shopping routine, with the vast majority of consumers admitting to using their mobile phones to search and purchase gifts. John Stevens examines this mobile megatrend and shares eight tips for creating and executing a successful mobile strategy.


Shopping will never be the same. A number of reports show that people rely on mobile every step of the consumer journey. Equally mobile search continues to play a huge part in our lives. A recent Performics survey of 502 U.S, residents who use mobile phones to search the web at least once a week revealed that a whopping 75 percent of consumers report mobile search makes their lives easier. Specifically, 63 percent said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information, and 32 percent said they use search more on their mobile devices than they do on their personal computers.

Thinking Human: Mobile Marketing Tips To Ensure Lasting Engagement

talking humanIn this new series we bring you the best and brightest of the executives and contributors making the new International Journal of Mobile Marketing (IJMM) a must-read resource, beginning with Mihai Vlad, Head of Audience Management & Insight at Optism, who provides insights into the very human approaches proven to boost engagement between brands and the people who have opted in to receive their messages.


People are mobile, and mobile is part of who they are. But mobile is not just a device. It's our 'default' state. In a networked, wired-up world where 5.6 billion people are connected to each other by a mobile device, mobile also allows us

Rory Sutherland Tells Mobile Marketers: Focus On Value Exchange & Consumer Experience

mobile mindsetRory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group and self-proclaimed "fan" of text messaging -- advises marketers to focus on what matters most: getting the value exchange right.

There are no easy answers, but there are some questions that will help produce them. Ask yourself: "Would this [marketing/approach] annoy me?". That's a good start. "There are just basic rules of etiquette. You use different media judiciously and the ability to do that intelligently is one mark of a mature and intelligent service brand."

New Research Underlines Pivotal Importance Of Mobile Payments, Personalization

mobile payment opportunitiesHow do mobile operators across the Asia Pacific region view increasing competition from banks, credit card companies and mobile payments middlemen? What is driving mobile operators to mobile marketing and advertising strategies? Why is personalization a primary focus across mobile operator app stores and storefronts?

These are just a few of the questions examined in the new report Fighting Smart: Using Value-Added Services To Create Lasting Customer Loyalty. The report -- written by MobileGroove and commissioned by Amdocs Interactive -- is based on a survey of 120 telecom executives at major mobile operators across Asia Pacific conducted by market research firm Coleman Parkes.