It seems almost quaint now, but there was a time — 2017 to be exact — when marketers were just beginning to realize the importance of App Store Optimization. At the time, I wrote VB Insight’s study “App store optimization – a practitioner’s guide to ASO,” to help mobile marketers get a better handle on this important part of organic UA.

The report drew on 35 interviews with ASO professionals and included data from an informal survey of over 500 ASO users to map out app marketing best practices and identify the next big thing in ASO. We uncovered a couple of trends which remain true today: 

  • brand-building is top of the agenda
  • video plays a significant part in determining if you fly high or fall flat

But rather unexpectedly, we found that video campaigns — which might seem expensive at first — can actually help trim your UA budget and help it work harder. “Video campaigns also cut down on wasted efforts and spend because users know precisely what they are getting into; they know what to expect, and they genuinely want the app for that reason,” said Andrew French, who led the EMEA office for AdColony. “The result is more users who are aligned with the app from the get-go and more likely to spend more time (and money) to savor the full experience.”

Ultimately, video campaigns also boost your retention efforts as they lead to better quality installs from more interested users. The idea is that users who come to your game via video ads and trailers may not end up being “whales,” but you can count on them to convert. 

To hear from more practitioners like An Vu, user acquisition lead at Rovio and Victoria Trofimova, CEO at Nordcurrent, head over Venture Beat