New Mobile Shopping White Paper Reveals Positive Outlook For Operator Billing

mobile shoppingMobile commerce and shopping are fast becoming an integral part of our daily routine, a development that paves the way for online commerce giants and credit card companies to capture the lion’s share of this exciting and lucrative market. Or so we think…

The explosion in mobile purchases also plays squarely in favor of mobile operator billing. In fact, operator billing may be the “missing link that allows a significant increase in commerce involving physical goods and services.”

This is the conclusion of Real Goods, Real Commerce & Real Results: The positive future for mobile operator billing platform, a new white paper from Tego Interactive,  a company delivering digital strategy and execution to startups, brands, service providers and network operators through converged Web and mobile solutions.

Real experience, real lessons

mobile shoppingDrawing from several recent projects and trials Tego Interactive has undertaken with its partner 24GMedia, a next-generation mobile payment and application service provider, the white paper provides insights into what consumers and merchants expect from mobile commerce.

The paper examines the evolution of consumer attitudes toward mobile commerce and identifies the payment mechanisms that will allow companies and merchants to satisfy customer requirements.

The bottom line: there is a wealth of opportunity in commerce strategies that integrate payment at the point-of-sales (POS).

Moreover, consumer and customer requirements also play in favor of mobile operator billing, a mechanism that is gaining serious traction now that many of the technology and attitude hurdles have been removed.

But the pressure is on mobile operators to continue the momentum — and understand that mobile commerce is not a space where it is wise for them to demand the revenue shares they know from mobile content transactions, for example.

As Alfred DeRose, Tego Interactive Managing Director, put it in a statement: “Moving forward, more mobile operators must rethink their revenue share models and join together to enable commerce and shopping across all their networks combined.” The aim must be to “enable easier integration at the point-of-sale, allowing a more seamless mobile commerce that encourages consumers to buy in-store using their mobile phones.”

CheatSheets in the pipeline

The white paper is the first in a series of white papers and business how-to “CheatSheets” Tego Interactive will be producing to provide companies across the mobile ecosystem insights into mobile commerce and payments, and strategies to achieve mobile retail readiness.

To this end Tego Interactive has teamed up with MSearchGroove to create and market Thought Leadership to put in context the massive media shift that is taking place and how mobile companies can take advantage of new opportunities on mobile.

To support this effort Tego Interactive is also deepening its partnership with MSearchGroove to showcase insights and research related to mobile commerce and mobile website strategy and optimization.

Click here to download the full report.

Disclaimer: Tego Interactive is an MSG client and supporter. In addition, Tego Interactive has proven to be a highly proficient and invaluable partner to MSearchGroove.

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