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Netflix. Gaming. Grindr. Aftermath of the IDFA. And SO. MUCH. MORE

2 min read

The IDFA gave. Now it’s taking away. And what are we left with? Honestly, some degree of chaos in the mobile advertising market, with budgets fleeing iOS and stampeding Android.

But our panelists from Singular, AdColony, Liftoff, and Fyber highlight that in every apocalypse, there is a silver lining. Because smart marketers are now using contracyclical strategies to get cheap installs, steal a march, and beat the competition. And, yes, we also talk some privacy, some gaming competition for Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass.

One thing we absolutely do not do ever under any circumstances even just once is have any fun, tell any jokes, or embarrass any executives. Fingers crossed.

Our guests for this show:
– So-Eun Park, VP business operations, Fyber
– Avi Das, sales lead Americas, Liftoff
– Ron Koenigsberg, chief growth officer, Singular
– Alasdair Pressney, director of product, AdColony

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