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N26 VP of Global Marketing Patrick Stal Shares Engagement Lessons You Can Bank On

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From time spent to revenue generated, metrics for finance apps broke records in 2020. It’s a trend that cements the central position of finance apps in consumers’ lives. Naturally, investors are lining up to cash in on this massive opportunity. According to Pitchbook, 2020 saw the second-largest annual total of funding raised by VC-backed fintech companies in the last decade. The figure? whopping $41.7 billion.

The outcome is a highly competitive market where the effort to turn heightened consumer interest into lasting loyalty requires holistic approaches that combine amazing products and authentic messaging. This is the view of Patrick Stal, VP of Global Marketing at N26, a fast-growing global neobank that counts more than 7 million customers in 25 markets. He’s a strong believer that a stellar customer experience sits at the center of competitive advantage.

“We provide your basic banking solution, and we do it in a way that nobody else does,” Stal explains. “We are really focused on the customer and trying to provide an experience that’s good for people, not necessarily good for the bank itself.”

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