Mobile Retail Opportunity Explodes: Oracle & ATG

mobile shopping48 PERCENT OF U.S. CONSUMERS RESEARCED PRODUCTS ON A MOBILE DEVICE WHILE IN-STORE in December 2010, according to research from Oracle and ATG. This represented a 78 percent increase compared to November 2009, when just 29 percent of consumers were using their mobile devices for research in-store.

Unsurprisingly, the data shows that younger consumers (ages 18-34) were the most avid in-store researchers (60 percent), up 46 percent from November 2009 (41 percent). But the real opportunity just may be a more mature demographic.

While just 44 percent of consumers aged 35 to 54 were in-store browsers, this figure is nearly double what it was the previous year. Specifically, the percentage increased a whopping 91 percent compared to just 23 percent 13 months earlier. Those aged 55 and older had the lowest mobile browsing rate (36 percent) but the second-highest growth rate (89 percent).

The research also discovered an interesting gender gap. It found that more men browsed and researched products via mobile device while in-store (51 percent) compared to women (44 percent).

Key uses of in-store research included:

  • 16 percent compare prices with another brand or store.
  • 10 percent visit the stores website to get more information about a product or service.
  • 7 percent look for coupons or discounts for that brand or store.
  • 6 percent check to see if a product is in stock at a particular store.
  • 6 percent seek ratings or reviews on a product or service.
  • 5 percent collect rewards for visiting a store.
  • 4 percent request feedback or share an update on something they were considering purchasing.

The bottom line: This research –combined with the popularity of price comparison mobile apps, such as RedLaser with over 8 million downloads– shows smartphone users like to shop smart.

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