MMA brands surveyThis year we have witnessed a seismic shift in how brands and agencies wield the power of mobile to deliver effective advertising, engage with consumers every stage of their daily journey and —ultimately — achieve business objectives that go beyond brand promotion and awareness to encourage commerce and continued customer loyalty.

The drivers are many and the impact is tremendous. The rise (and rise) of mobile retail, the advance of smartphones and connected devices, and the heightened interest among companies across all verticals (retail, automotive, finance, pharmaceutical — the works!) make it imperative for us as an industry and ecosystem to ask (and answer!) some tough questions.

How big is the opportunity really, and what are the countries/ regions to watch? What are people’s attitudes toward mobile and mobile advertising, and how are they likely to evolve? Where should mobile play in a well-executed, cross-media campaign? How are leading brands using mobile to achieve spectacular results, and what were the learnings along the way? And the list goes on….

The trends and developments on the horizon are exciting — and confusing. Brands, agencies and the entire mobile marketing ecosystem must plan for a new phase of growth and activity. And they must prepare for the wave of change, rather than be crushed by it.

Stand up and speak up

To this end the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is collaborating with Millennial Media, an independent mobile ad and data platform company, and MobileGroove to research and produce a comprehensive knowledge resource. This definitive work —which will include detailed market data, case studies, best practices and exclusive insights from executives and companies that have harnessed mobile to drive positive business results — is slated for release in 2012.

To ensure that this resource examines the topics and trends that are truly top of mind and correctly reflects the level of interest, activity and investment in mobile marketing the MMA is also conducting a global survey of agencies and brands (only).

The survey takes only five minutes to complete and YOUR voice matters to us.

Take our survey and share your insights.

Please note that the survey will only run until the end of December, so why not take some time to fill it out right now so it doesn’t slip your mind later?

As a special bonus, the MMA will share the results with brands and agencies that participate in the survey.

We thank you in advance for taking part in this important survey and we are proud to provide you a roadmap to navigate the mobile marketing opportunities and challenges ahead.