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Smart Advice For Young Marketers Eager To Move Up The Ladder—And Lift Others

To mark the annually celebrated Women’s History Month in March, we raise awareness around young women in marketing and highlight how they are moving up the ladder–paving the way for others to follow. The focus is on building strong leadership traits and a gender-diverse pipeline of talent when our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Bruna Amaya, a Mobile Hero recognized for her marketing expertise.

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Gaming App Strategies To Achieve Growth Counter Rising Acquisition Costs

Gaming, a massive industry with an eye-watering $116 billion in revenue that dwarfs music and movies combined, dominates as the most popular (and profitable) form of entertainment on the planet. Its impressive success is powered by a string of blockbuster titles and franchises, and its high-octane growth is also fueled by the advance of mobile and apps. This year mobile will …

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How Fast Is Fast Enough? Mobile Load Times Drive Customer Experience And Impact Sales

Time is money!” used to be the command companies followed to boost their productivity and increase profits. Fast forward to a mobile-first world where research firm eMarketer forecasts a whopping 86.2% of the 3.75 billion Internet users worldwide will use a mobile phone to go online by end-2019, and the same maxim is the imperative companies must obey to improve the customer …

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

2019 is the year of performance programmatic buying – are you ready?

Superior targeting capabilities and demand for a stronger return on investment on digital ad spend are driving mobile programmatic ad spend into the stratosphere.

As we expect to see almost 90 per cent of all mobile display ads transact programmatically by 2020, it’s increasingly important to understand the opportunity and harness the shortcuts to success.

Dublin-based Playrix, one of

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

How AI and data are allowing the Associated Press to tap new revenue streams

In an age where exclusive content is pure gold and data is the new black gold, smart news organizations are looking for ways to unlock their frontline information and insights for maximum exposure across a multitude of platforms.

Peggy Anne Salz, mobile analyst and Content Marketing Strategist at MobileGroove, speaks with Ted Mendelsohn, AP Vice President, Commercial and Digital Markets.

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Paul Jarrett

Massive Mobility Trends And How They Impact The Enterprise

Enterprise mobility broke boundaries and set records in 2016 - and this continues in 2017. With employees now leading the smartphone revolution, businesses are subsequently finding ways of leveraging the latest mobile (and other) technology to improve processes, reduce costs and connect staff. And as the mobile landscape continues to shift, understanding the latest trends, and how they can be incorporated, has never been so vital. Here are the 4 massive mobility trends you should keep top of your radar.

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Cognitive Unites Mobile And Digital To Deliver Personal Experiences

Granted, the advance of digital, the explosion of social and our own addiction to mobile have come together to make 'mobile-first' a must. But smart brands and businesses are building the cognitive capabilities to interact with us in ways that are people-first, not just mobile-first, placing mobile at the center of an approach that connects the 'data dots' in our mobile, social, digital, and real-world actions.

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Consolidate To Avoid Enterprise ‘App-ocalypse’

Businesses are on the brink of an enterprise 'app-ocalypse' driven by the advance of cloud services companies and their workforce have added to their arsenal in order to cater to customers and deliver amazing (often times contextual) experiences. Driven by a desire to improve service and performance these businesses are unwittingly creating a chaotic — even crippling — user experience for their workforce.

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NEW: Mobile App Loyalty & CRM Report

Gigaom report and special offerJust in time for the holidays: a summary of my new Gigaom Research report, Managing The Complete Customer Experience: Encouraging Engagement With Mobile And Apps, and a special offer to collaborate with Gigaom Research, which I am extending to the MobileGroove community in Europe.

With a fast-growing and appealing customer base now utilizing mobile devices  — and specifically mobile apps …

Topic: Mobile Enterprise Author: Peggy Anne Salz

Chetan Sharma Mobile Breakfast Series Comes To London Friday

Chetan Sharma Mobile breakfast series Following a chain of successful events in the U.S., the Mobile Breakfast Series touches down in London for the first time Friday (June 29). The event — aptly titled Operators and OTT, (over the top) and organized by mobile analyst and authority Chetan Sharma­— explores how mobile operators can remain relevant in an industry where the spread of affordable bundles, …