Mission Critical: Why Mobile Commerce Services Must Protect Our Assets

trust in mobile commerceThe widespread adoption of mobile commerce services enabling transfers, transactions and payments creates a requirement for stronger security. At one level, it’s about measures to make sure our personal information and assets are protected. But there also has to a balance that will allow us to share data with the companies and services we trust to deliver us personalized and convenient shopping services.

Growing public concern over privacy and the emergence of what mobile authority Joy Liuzzo calls “Mobile Sentient Beings,” highlights our very human requirements for simple, transparent services we can trust. (Read Joy’s recent column HERE.)

Clearly, our lives and our devices have become inextricably intertwined. Mobile empowers us to capture and consume content; it impacts how, when and where we connect with friends and family; it increasingly assists us in daily decision-making; and ultimately links our physical and digital worlds.

More importantly, mobile allows us to transact and conduct commerce. However, before we use these services to their full potential we must be confident we can truly trust the devices, services, brands and marketers we interact with to deliver on their promises, and not compromise our data.

The debate prompts me to recount the main points of my recent column at EContent magazine, which explores why trust is also the most fundamental competency required by all the players that make up the digital business ecosystem.

The takeaway: In a world where trust is key, all players across the ecosystem will need to focus on how to effectively build a lasting trust asset. They must also better understand what trust means to their customers and build trust-based relationships with them based on greater insights into what they really want.

Read the full column at EContent Magazine here.


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