M-Pulse: GigaOm’s Kevin C. Tofel Talks Smartphones, Smart Homes & 2012 Mobile Predictions

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12 min read

m-pulse video showWill 2012 be the year we remotely connect to our smart homes using our smartphones? Can Intel crash the mobile party and make its mark with tablets that stand up to ARM-powered devices? Should we expect a shift in the operating system landscape in favor of Microsoft (with Symbian as a back-up plan)?

This week's m-pulse — the new vodcast series produced by Rob Woodbridge, founder and owner of UNTETHER.tv, in collaboration with MobileGroove — catches up with Kevin C. Tofel, Mobile site editor at GigaOM.com, where he covers mobile technology and the global wireless industry. Continuing our theme for January, we deep-dive into his list of 16 mobile industry predictions for 2012 and get his take on the week's hot mobile news.

The Pulse Video Show Debuts Today; Gary Schwartz Talks Mobile 2012 Megatrends

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4 min read

the Pulse untethertvToday (!) marks the launch of The Pulse, a new vodcast series produced by Rob Woodbridge, founder and owner of UNTETHER.tv, in collaboration with MobileGroove. We welcome our guest Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile, Inc., North America Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and author of THE IMPULSE ECONOMY, a book that examines the evolution and future opportunities around mobile commerce and transactions.

Gary's no-holds-barred analysis of mobile's impact on bricks-and-mortar retail suggests America's shopping malls are in for tough times in 2012 as users move from price comparison apps to making real-life purchases using cloud checkout services. We also discuss how Kindle Fire is blazing through the U.S. (and soon Europe), building on the analysis I just posted this week on MobileGroove. What is the likely impact on mobile marketing and how are users in key countries already embracing this new type of connected device? Tune in and find out! (You can follow Gary and all the tweets related to his new book at @impulseeconomy).

Digital Mind State CEO Mike Johns: App Developers Must Capitalize, Digitize, Monetize

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10 min read

mike johns avatarMobile apps isn't the only game in town. Developers need think big-picture and focus efforts on multi-platform apps capable of connecting our devices and our experiences. This is the trend to watch for 2012 and why Mike Johns, CEO of Digital Mind State, and his views on the vast opportunities at the intersection of apps, TV and social media are more pertinent than ever.

We catch up with Mike to talk about his success brokering profitable business relationships between brands and urban/hip hop artists to deliver a 360 degree entertainment experience combining social media interaction and TV (Social TV) and mobile apps.

Sprint’s Phyllis Reuther: How Indoor Navigation Powers Micro-Marketing, Couponing, Healthcare

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8 min read

microsensor networkIndoor navigation -- and services that map and understand our mobility patterns - lay the ground work for a slew of exciting new location services that combine advertising, marketing, couponing and analytics to deliver people offers they truly can't refuse. What is the role of mobile operators? Where are the growth opportunities? These are just a few of the questions I explore with Phyllis Reuther, manager of the advanced analytics lab run by the major U.S. mobile operator Sprint.

OpenMarket’s Andrew Darling Talks Mobile Giving

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9 min read

AIME mobile giving eventHow can the charitable sector can leverage mobile to connect with the public and collect donations on a massive scale? We talk with Andrew Darling, Associate Director of Market Development at OpenMarket, a company providing payment and messaging services to mobile retail and commerce clients worldwide. OpenMarket is also a driving force in efforts to help charities put together the approaches and platforms that will allow them to take donations and connect with the people who give to relief efforts and causes around the world.

The benefits and the business models around mobile are the topic of Empowering the Charitable Sector with Interactive Technology II (September 15, London). The all-day knowledge seminar organized by AIME (the Association for Interactive media & Entertainment) is already standing room only (!), an unexpectedly high attendance that tells us the topic strikes a chord with charities, advertising & marketing agencies, service providers, broadcasters, industry bodies and mobile operators--all the players that need to come together and work together to maximize the potential for all kinds of charities to use mobile.

Rory Sutherland Tells Mobile Marketers: Focus On Value Exchange & Consumer Experience

Media Retention & Engagement
6 min read

mobile mindsetRory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group and self-proclaimed "fan" of text messaging -- advises marketers to focus on what matters most: getting the value exchange right.

There are no easy answers, but there are some questions that will help produce them. Ask yourself: "Would this [marketing/approach] annoy me?". That's a good start. "There are just basic rules of etiquette. You use different media judiciously and the ability to do that intelligently is one mark of a mature and intelligent service brand."

Mixi SVP Tak Miyata Talks Mobile Apps & Mobile-Enabled Commerce

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8 min read

mixi logoIn the countdown to Apps World Asia (September 1-2, Singapore) we speak with Tak Miyata, senior vice president of global business at Mixi, the fast-growing and number one social network in Japan about Mixi's strategy to expand its communications platform, enable third-party developers to make mobile apps for its members and encourage commerce that bridges online (digital) and offline (physical).

Mixi started out in 2004 allowing its users to post photos, share comments and links, and interact on community pages and forums based on themes ranging from recipes to rock-n-roll.

Celebrity CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett Talks Mobile Marketing, Social Media & Privacy

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12 min read

jeffrey hayzlett profileHow should marketers approach social media marketing? What is the place of mobile in an effective advertising campaign? And why is mobile video shaping up to be the next big thing? These are just a few of the questions I explore in an exclusive podcast with Jeffrey Hayzlett, frequent speaker, Celebrity CMO, change agent and sometimes cowboy.

We also walk through the key themes of The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?, a must-read business book (authored by Jeff) that has been on USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Inc.’s best-seller lists.

Pitch Your Best (Practice); Space For Case Studies & Slots For Filming

4 min read

speak to meRegular readers will know (and appreciate) that I am typically involved in several projects that amplify the analysis I post here at MSearchGroove.

To date I am working on an in-depth mobile marketing report documenting best practice among brands and agencies in Europe. I am excited to include M&S, a U.K. retailer with a holistic and human approach to mobile commerce, and Lufthansa, a major German airline that combines convenience and community in an app that sets the bar. (My personal thanks here to Stephanie Renda at match2blue who has agreed to re-connect me with Lufthansa and provide her insights for my report.)

The Mobile Marketing Review: University Use of Mobile Gets High Marks; Millennial Media SMART

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10 min read

the mobile marketing reviewThe Mobile Mavens are back for the first monthly podcast of 2011 with a look at how universities are harnessing mobile to connect with students. A raft of recent press and reports shows that universities are becoming more creative in how they use mobile - specifically text messaging -- to connect with Millennials on their mobile phones.

From alerts about course materials and exams to invitations to join mobile forums and continue class discussions, mobile is front of mind with an increasing number of institutions and educators.

BTW: A great way to keep up with this exciting progress is simply to follow #mlearncon (as I do) on Twitter. That's where the discussion that began around the awesome conference (of the same name) organized by eLearning Guild continues.

Hong Kong Mobile Operator CSL Reveals Real Impact Of Personalization On Mobile Data

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8 min read

mynet thumbnailPeople want what they want. As a result, they have come to expect – even demand – content and services in tune with their lifestyles and life stages. On mobile – the fiercely personal device we take with us everywhere – the requirement for relevancy is even greater, which is why personalization is poised to become a mobile megatrend. Put another way, personalized recommendations and schemes that effectively expose us to the content we are most likely to appreciate (content ranging from websites to marketing messages to mobile apps) are gaining traction.

One mobile operator that "gets" the strategic importance of personalization (if only to satisfy our own requirement for convenience and reduce the heavy-lifting when it comes to choosing our entertainment) is CSL, the leading mobile operator in Hong Kong with 2.6 million subscribers.

AOL Bets On Social Navigation & Open Source; Why People Will Power Location Apps

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8 min read

navigation strategies USASocial and mobile are combining to create some amazing experiences. From location-linked games to social shopping schemes, there is money - and competitive advantage - in harnessing location information to power our interactions with the people and communities around us. This trend also turns up the pressure on companies to focus on the quality of the data and develop new ways to get us involved in creating and curating our own local maps and information.

This is just one of the topics heading the agenda at Navigation Strategies USA,