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Maximizing Subscription Revenue

2 min read

The godfather of growth and two super women in growth from Stash (finance!) and Gymondo (fitness!) join co-hosts John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz for a seriously fun episode on maximizing subscription revenue.

(OK, the “godfather of growth” is the guy who invented the Mobile Growth Stack. But he’s still pretty awesome.)

Our guests:
– Mobile Hero Kate Palmer, Director of Growth at Stash
– Jenny Schmidt, Team Lead Social & Influencer Marketing at Gymondo
– Andy Carvell, Partner & Co-Founder at Phiture

We chat about getting money back from Apple, acronyms no-one knows, winning invisible Bitcoins, stuff we should know but somehow just don’t, and most importantly, of course, subscription revenue. Top tips for subscriptions. Finding good users for subscription apps. Stopping churn for subscriptions. Pricing for subscriptions.

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