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Live Streaming Is Transforming Commerce — And Here Is How You Can Engage Shoppers

3 min read

Lockdown restrictions are driving live streaming commerce, a convergence of information, entertainment, and retail that is fast becoming the favorite ways for GenZs and Millennials to shop. But smart companies don’t drive on-off purchases. They harness passionate micro-influencers, fun hosts, and deep personalization to drive connections, foster community, and boost longer-term retention rates. In episode #397, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Sachin Bhatia, CEO, and co-founder of Bulbul, a video and live streaming-led commerce platform that helps online shoppers in India discover new products. As part of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth sponsored by CleverTap, Sachin discusses the best practices and bright ideas that have allowed his company to raise a total of $15 million over 3 rounds of funding. He also details the segmentation strategy marketers everywhere can adapt to reach shoppers with relevant notifications and explains how his approach “increased traffic from the notifications by 3x.”

We are in challenging and exciting times as marketers everywhere on the planet rewrite the playbook to drive positive results for their campaigns and their customers. To do both, we need guidance and good advice from marketers who freely share their expertise and experience. Reimagine Growth is a series equipping marketers to take charge of change in the marketplace — check out all the webinars in this series here and subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep updated as new webinars are added.