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Lessons From Relationship Empowerment Platform LifeCouple To Nurture Customer Connection

3 min read

Self-isolation is causing stress, creating big problems for relationships, and huge opportunities for apps that help people improve their relationships. LifeCouple, a relationship empowerment platform, combines a compelling product (a “democratized therapy solution”) and individualized marketing to help couples address, monitor, and improve their relationships. Through gamification, attractive incentives, and built-in “track-ability” indexes, LifeCouple doesn’t just empower people—it powers impressive conversion rates and fuels lasting loyalty. In this episode of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth, sponsored by CleverTap, host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Sean Rones, the serial entrepreneur, and inventor who founded LifeCouple. They discuss the “app journeys” he has architected and the tech stack he relies on to deliver meaningful content and drive deep customer connection. Sean, whose determination puts him in the same league with Richard Branson and Steve Jobs, shares the shortcuts marketers can use to make messaging emotive and effective.

We are in challenging and exciting times as marketers everywhere on the planet rewrite the playbook to drive positive results for their campaigns and their customers. To do both, we need guidance and good advice from marketers who freely share their expertise and experience. Reimagine Growth is a series equipping marketers to take charge of change in the marketplace — check out all the videos in this series here and subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep updated as new videos are added.