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IDFA Deprecation Damage Control: Lifting The Lid On A Mobile Measurement Solution For The Post-IDFA Era

2 min read

Let’s face it. IDFA deprecation will have devastating consequences for marketers. They will no longer be able to attribute post-install activity, including revenue, directly to a campaign or publisher app. And that means marketers will be in the dark and unable to evaluate important metrics, including retention, DAUs, LTV, and ROAS at the campaign or publisher app levels. Or will they? Not if they harness a “top-down” solution that algorithmically attributes post-install activity to campaigns. In episode #403, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Brian Krebs, CEO at MetricWorks, a rising company focused on helping mobile marketers with measurement, LTV prediction, and user acquisition automation. Brian  who has spent the last eight years building disruptive solutions for growth teams that leverage automation, machine learning, and data science – shares his focus on delivering a new future-proof mobile measurement solution for the post-IDFA era. He also highlights the positives of the IDFA change that Apple has postponed until early next year and explains why marketers must use the extra time to stress-test data and models to prepare for the worst.