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How Visible’s Head of Brand Marketing Taps Influencers to Drive Customer Engagement

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The arrival of the new normal* didn’t just mark a sea change in how companies must engage their customers. It impacted how consumers want to engage with brands.

For the first time, consumers on all continents desired meaningful interaction with brands around a whole range of societal issues – from diversity and inclusion to mental health – that aligned with their personal life stages and lifestyles.

The outcome: purpose-driven marketing has become as important (and in some cases more important) than price.

A survey of nearly 19,000 consumers in 28 countries conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value in association with the National Retail Federation found that 81% of consumers worldwide feel they belong in one of two segments. They either identify themselves as value-driven consumers (41%) who want good value for their money or purpose-driven consumers (40%) who gravitate to products and services that are aligned with their values. Consumers who make a purchase based on brand alone (13%) are a shrinking minority.*

Clearly, brand values matter to consumers.

It’s a cultural movement where Visible, the first all-digital, wireless carrier in the US, stands out by standing up for what its consumers value most: connection. It also understands that, as brands and values converge, the role of influencers, individuals, and celebrities who act as intermediaries to connect brands with consumers will also become increasingly important.

For Pearl Servat, Head of Brand Marketing at Visible, meaningful and deep engagement depends on two factors: what brands communicate and the partnerships they pursue with others (influencers, individuals, celebrities) to “carry the narrative of the brand to their communities.” It’s the guiding principle that has helped Servat and her team elevate the Visible brand to new heights. The challenger wireless carrier was recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and as Best Telecom Brand in Adweek’s Brand Challenger Awards.

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