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How Pivoting During A Pandemic Put Medlife On Top

2 min read

eCommerce apps and digital marketplaces are seeing record shopping activity but the pandemic has also exposed severe shortcomings in the supply chain (think about the toilet paper shortage in the U.S.). So the question is, what can marketers do to adapt? How can they change the shopping habits of their users and when should they pivot?  

When you’re dealing with unprecedented problems, it can be hard to suss out the solutions on your own. So I turned to Meera Iyer, CMO at Medlife — India’s largest eHealth platform offering home delivery of medicines, lab diagnostics and allowing consumers to book tele-consultation at home or online — to learn how her company coped with disruptions in the supply chain and still managed to meet important customer needs.   

Learn about Medlife’s moves to keep its customers happy and healthy by listening to the full interview.