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How One Dating App Reaches Double-Digit Uplift With Personalized Pricing

2 min read

In today’s attention arena, personalization equals profit. This is where AI-powered solutions shine, equipping companies to customize the app experience and explore new areas where greater personalization can yield massive returns. While many companies focus on smart ways to fill the marketing funnel with content and campaigns tailored to treat users like individuals, a few fast-movers are cashing in by offering personalized pricing that makes users offers they can’t refuse. This approach is championed by Cosmic Latte, a maker of LGBTQ+ dating apps that count 15 million users worldwide. Milan Kovacic, Cosmic Latte CEO, joins Peggy Anne Salz to talk about how he works with Assetario, a predictive analytics platform for mobile apps, to make the match between audience segments and the subscription price tag they are willing and happy to pay. Milan also walks through the strategy that allowed one dating app to reach a “double-digit” uplift in revenue. He is joined by Jakub Chudik, CTO and co-founder of Assetario, who reflects on the evolution of AI and reveals the low-hanging fruit, such as personalized recommendations, companies should have high on their radar.