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How MOVii Makes Personal Financial Services More Personal and Inclusive

3 min read

App market intelligence reports show personal finance apps, our “go-to” app category to manage our daily lives, are poised for massive growth, chalking up more than a 1 trillion sessions globally in 2019 alone. But heightened interest doesn’t automatically result in lasting loyalty. Achieving that requires companies to reduce friction in the user journey starting with education and onboarding to help users get the most value out of the app experience. Learn valuable lessons we can apply to all app marketing when our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Hernando Rubio Dacosta, CEO & Co-Founder of MOVii, a company leading a digital payments revolution in Colombia. Hernando shares how he architected omnichannel campaigns to educate and engage users throughout the onboarding process, a strategy that saw 63% of users who didn’t finish the onboarding came back to complete it. He also speaks candidly about his personal mission to minimize barriers to financial inclusion and contribute to social development in Colombia. “You run as fast as the dog that is chasing you,” is his mantra as he seeks to push boundaries and transform his society. Inspiring words in our unprecedented times, so listen in and absorb the positive energy.

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