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How Mobile Devices Enhance The Story-Telling Experience

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Book Cover_Cassandras Angel gina ottoChildren’s books are written with an important purpose in mind. Whether the publisher hopes to excite our imagination, touch our hearts, or simply make education fun, mobile must be part of the cross-media mix. Tego Interactive tells us why we shouldn’t limit your efforts to page-turning tools or technology aimed at creating a “wow” effect.

In fact, the greatest impact is the one publishers achieve by harnessing mobile to enhance interaction and deliver a personal touch.

Gina Otto —author of the modern-day fairy tale Cassandra’s Angel—stands out as a content creator who realizes her book, an award-winning children’s story aimed at helping young people find their voices, is a life lesson that mobile can greatly enhance and amplify.


Despite the tiny screens, more consumers than ever before are using their smartphones to do more than ever before. Market research firm IDC reports that sales of smartphones in the final quarter of 2010 outstripped those of PCs for the first time—ever! Moreover, a milestone report from Google, in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association, confirms that we increasingly rely on our mobile devices to research products, make purchases, conduct transactions, and connect with social networks.

Mobile technology has also transformed how we consume content, creating new opportunities for old media. The first wave brought dramatic changes in the production, distribution, and monetization of content such as news, music, games, and video. Fast-forward and advances in mobile applications (apps), tablets, and e-reader devices herald a second wave of change. This time mobile will inject new dynamism into books, book publishing, and reading.

Some content creators—particularly those determined to simply shrink their book content for delivery on a tiny screen—will fail to reap the full benefits of mobile.

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