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How Maple Media’s Ashley Fauset Manages Over 200 Apps with Hundreds of Millions of Users

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App marketing has many moving parts, and marketers must also create multiple journeys to reach and retain consumers on their terms and on the channels they appreciate. The challenges of managing one or a few apps for a single brand can be daunting. Imagine if that challenge were multiplied exponentially, with over 200 apps and a multitude of customer segments to serve.

This is the everyday reality at Maple Media—a mobile media, advertising, and technology company that acquires and operates hundreds of category-leading consumer apps on the App Store and Google Play. As VP of Marketing, Ashley Fauset markets hundreds of apps over multiple verticals to optimize engagement, retention, subscription revenue, and ultimately, growth. How does she do it?

For one thing, she applies extensive experience across several industries, having seen the business from both sides, both determining strategy and driving execution. Fauset spent much of her career at early-stage startups and co-founded two companies on her own before taking the position of Chief Operating Officer at Stardust, a social app for TV and movie fans.

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