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How Frustrating Ads Helped This Game Hit Top-20 Most-downloaded in the USA

2 min read

Should you have beautiful ads? Oddball ads? Funny ads? In-your-face ads? How about frustrating, impossible, annoying ads with puzzles that actually have no solution at all … and even feature a narrator making fun of your inability to solve them?

That path less traveled led to a top-download 20 placement for brain game app Impulse, built by a small team in Ukraine.

In this episode of Mobile Heroes Uncensored, hosts Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier chat with Impulse Chief Marketing Officer Dariia Opanasiuk to learn more about her strategy, and more about her story. Dariia is an accidental marketer with two master’s degrees, neither of which are in business or marketing, and a super-successful app in one of the most competitive categories on the planet.