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How Clorox VP of Growth Vivian Chang Harnesses Data and Predictive Modeling to Grow Direct-to-Consumer Business

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From Nestle to Nike, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are ramping up their direct-to-consumer (DTC) models at a fierce pace to stay competitive. But they are also pioneering strategies to take it a step further, customizing their direct relationships with consumers to build trust and collect the first-party data that will allow them to deliver a superior experience across different brand channels.

The Clorox Company is making impressive progress on both fronts, taking its 50+ brands DTC with the help of data science, predictive modeling, and deep data-driven insights. For Vivian Chang, Clorox VP of Growth, the excitement centers on efforts to “start bringing together these different brands and really curating for the customer based on their needs.” Delivering personal, valuable and relevant experiences is a must for CPG to build brand loyalty.

But, Chang says, it’s a strategy intertwined with significant challenges. “How can we leverage […] data and also our tech experiences and marketing to bring a holistic shopping platform and experiences and curated products and innovation – and all of those things – to bear for the consumer?” she asks. In her view, part of the answer lies in “creating a surround sound for consumers.” In this scenario, companies leverage a mix of channels and partnerships to fit changing consumer behaviors and expectations for convenient, omnichannel shopping experiences.

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