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How BigShyft Infused Email Marketing With Personalization To Rocket Retention

3 min read

Email marketing broke on the scene four decades ago, but it continues to break records as the marketing format that reaches the biggest audience (3 billion and counting) with the biggest impact (up to 40x more effective than social media). Marketers at BigShyft, a premium career platform for top professionals, are getting even more mileage out of email marketing, using analytics, automation, and deep insights to create customized campaigns that address niche audiences with massive results. In this episode of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth, sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Deepro Ganguly, BigShyft’s Head of Marketing, to learn how he uses email marketing to achieve a string of impressive results which include a 40% increase in retention and stellar growth for the service that launched in India just two months ago. Deepro also shares the tools and techniques he uses to map and track the user journey, and consistently deliver genuinely helpful marketing that strikes a chord and drives conversions.

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