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How AI Builds Brand Power And Barbie Love With PhotoRoom’s Lauren Sudworth

2 min read

This summer was a “Barbie” blowout! The blockbuster movie distributed by Warner Bros. brought in over $1.4 billion at the box office this summer, making it 2023’s highest-grossing film—and the topic of social media’s hottest trends. One of these viral hits, powered by an AI photo-editing app, stood out from the rest. With the help of PhotoRoom’s Selfie Generator, 13 million people created, posted and shared custom “Barbie” posters across Instagram and X. Months later, PhotoRoom has been downloaded 100M+ times, and Lauren Sudworth, PhotoRoom’s Head of Brand and Content, joins The Groove to share insider intel into the viral campaign. Alongside host Peggy Anne Salz, she explains how PhotoRoom marries AI and brand identity to deliver UGC at an unprecedented scale and quality for brands on any budget. Lauren says more than powering visual commerce, generative AI is “breaking down barriers to creativity,” even going so far as to produce personalized algorithms and brand IP. The show is one for the books as Lauren shares how any company can start building its brand and how to take advantage of AI tools while maintaining a human touch.