Retention & Engagement

Drilling Down In The Data With Head Works Digital To Boost Retention And LTV

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A little retention goes a long way. In fact, a single digital increase in retention can mean double or even triple-digit increase in profits, that’s why we look at this on our Reimagine Growth series on Mobile Presence. But when you’re dealing with such a powerful metric, it’s important to get good advice. That’s why we turned to Vikas Soni, Head of Product Management and Analytics and Head Digital Works. He has a ten-year track record in gaming-focused on optimizing spend, improving retention, and being a steward of responsible gaming. He’s passionate about creating next-generation gaming experiences, and bringing a more scientific approach to gaming innovation — all of which we covered in the latest Reimagine Growth 

To learn how Head Works Digital is reimagining growth, tune in to the entire interview.