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Designing For The Future: Tech, Inclusivity, And Authenticity

2 min read

Creativity powers connection and conversion, offering brands an edge, especially in a post-privacy world where performance marketing can miss the mark. But what is the creative process, how can it be made accessible, and what steps does your brand need to take to capture the hearts—and wallets—of consumers today? Walter T Geer III and Imsety Taylor answer all these questions and more in this week’s episode. The two marketers—CCO of Innovation at VML and Founder of Set Angle, respectively—discuss the power of combining tech and great design to create friction-free experiences, drive real-time revenue, and allow for authentic, personalized interactions in a privacy-first world. Alongside Peggy Anne Salz, they dive into how they’re approaching both the creative process and the results, touching upon the role of AI, knowing your audience on an individual level, and how designing with diversity in mind enhances both brand love and campaign success.