Mobile Conversions Climb, But Cross-Device Is Still A Hike

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With consumers expecting—even demanding—the flexibility to shift seamlessly between smartphones, desktops and tablets, the pressure is on marketers and publishers to customize experiences to “go with the flow.”

But it’s not enough to adapt advertising to accompany customers as they move across devices and across platforms. To maximize investments and conversions companies must also understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual channel, stay current with consumer usage trends and combine these insights to architect an effective cross-device, cross-channel strategy.

The Formula For Blockbuster Games Apps — And Why We Are Addicted

The Formula For Blockbuster Games Apps — And Why We Are Addicted

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17 min read

With mobile app user acquisition costs rising through the roof and revenues set to go sideways, major publishers and independent studios are under increasing pressure to find better and smarter ways to boost audience spending in their game apps. While app companies can harness algorithms and analytics to get more bang for their budget, the best way to get to the top of the app store charts—and stay there—may be to crack the code on what market-leading mobile games are getting right, and then improve on that formula to produce an app with massive and lasting appeal.

Russia’s Pixonic Rethinks Growthhacking To Rocket Its App Up The Charts

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13 min read

Even in the new digital App Economy cash is king. The trek to the top of the app store charts, and the ability to stay there, requires strategy, energy and, most importantly, a massive budget to accelerate app development cycles, fund user acquisition campaigns and ensure app fame is lasting, not fleeting.

But it doesn't just "take money to make money." In the fast-paced app market where even a tidal wave of revenues can slow to a trickle in a matter of weeks, it also takes speed and agility to stay on top of your game.

Russia's Pixonic — the Moscow-based studio headed by 30-year old CEO Philipp Gladkov and the force behind the massively popular multiplayer mobile game app Walking War Robots— has managed both by tapping into a new on-demand funding model that allows rapid access to earned revenues.

Why Mobile Video (Advertising) Will Eat The World

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Borrowing from the title of the milestone presentation Mobile is Eating the World (given by mobile analyst and authority Benedict Evans at Andreessen Horowitz’s Tech Summit 2014) is the best way to describe how mobile video—powered by mobile programmatic—is poised to rock the digital world in 2016. Top line numbers show mobile video viewing is already eating into desktop's leading share of video views. It's a migration that can be attributed to the advance of high-speed 4G mobile networks that reduce latency, making mobile video accessible and enjoyable for more consumers in more markets.