Bot fraud—perpetrated by automated software agents capable of interacting with content, advertising and offers in a human-like way—is growing in size and sophistication as cybercriminals shift attacks and tactics from online to mobile. To prepare marketers for the battle looming on mobile our host Peggy Anne salz catches up with Paul Mueller, CTO and Co-Founder of Adjust, a global mobile measurement and anti-fraud company whose clients include NBCUniversal,  Procter & Gamble, Pinterest and Tencent Games. Paul shares how Adjust is equipping marketers to battle bots—thanks to tech that detects bots by focusing on the data that bots can’t fake, such as pressure on the screen and the motion of the device. He also details the damage bot fraud is causing companies in finance, gaming and retail,  and provides best practice around what marketers need to know (and watch) to safeguard their businesses and brand trust.