Carnival of the MobilistsThe Carnival of the Mobilists (COM), the weekly roundup of the Web’s best blogging on mobile and wireless, is now live at WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership) — the connector in the mobile industry, supporting the overall ecosystem by encouraging discussions, co-creation and exchange.

Some of the posts that made the COM this week include:

  • Looking for a mobile app developer? James Coops over at mobyaffiliates launches a new resource to help us find the right partner. The Best Mobile App Developer Directory includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5 developers, grouped by geographical region. If you’re not on the list, then you had better contact James to make your case.
  • My own contribution from MobileGroove is Jeff Hasen’s latest column. He draws from his recent book (Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices) to help marketers identify what works around the world and how they can/should apply these learnings to their own strategies.
  • COM newcomer Natasha Hutchinson over at Adfonic makes a splash with post that lays out why marketers must shift their media budgets to mobile. It’s packed with insights and stats — which is why it is also the Pick of the Week.
  • Our hosts over at WIP bring us a recent interview they conducted with Gary Yentin, CEO of AppPromo. Want to know how to tackle the discovery dilemma without investing a lot in marketing to do it? Read on and find out!

Next week Optism steps up to host the COM and encourage a discussion about THE hot topic in mobile: mobile commerce.

Read the complete COM over at WIP.

Allow me now to put on my other hat (COM Connector & Coordinator) to remind the COMmunity to get involved.

  1. We still have some slots if you want to step up and take the helm. Please check out the COM host calendar email me at or if you want to take the slot.
  2. Further to my emails and ‘nudges’ please send in your image (thumbnail), your Twitter handle and a 50-100 word description of what you do so we can add you to a new page that lists Mobilists and all the people who contribute their ideas and insights. THANK YOU.
  3.  And don’t forget to follow the COM on Twitter (@TheMobilists) and join us on Facebook!
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