barcode scanningWORLDWIDE USAGE OF MOBILE BARCODES GREW BY 61.95 PERCENT IN Q1/2011 COMPARED TO Q4/2010, says a new report from 3G Vision. The U.S. continues to lead the pack as the top user of mobile barcodes. (Although it is important to note the stats don’t include Japan because “the barcode market there is so far advanced over the rest of the world that it’s not statistically relevant.”)

Meantime, barcode use in the U.K. market grew a whopping 166.5 percent for the period, an increase that allows it to jump from the 7th to the 4th position in the top users of QR codes worldwide. The report attributed this to the number of major brands (such as Heineken, SKY Network, Pizza Express and Grazia Magazine) that  adopted the use of QR codes in their campaigns and promotion during Q1/2011. Other countries that experienced strong growth (again thanks to more brands getting on board with barcode promotions) include: The Netherlands (146.3 percent), Spain (94.4 percent) and Canada (94.0 percent).

The top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Q1/2011 were:

1.       United States (1)

2.       Italy (2)

3.       Germany (3)

4.       United Kingdom (7)

5.       Netherlands (8)

6.       Canada (6)

7.       France (5)

8.       Hong Kong (4)

9.       Spain (17)

10.   Switzerland (15)

The bottom line: Despite a few false starts outside of the Asia-Pac region it appears that major brands, retailers and – most importantly end-users –  are realizing the benefits of QR codes, which is why we can expect them to be a core element of campaigns moving forward.