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Skillz Combines Mobile And Esports, Enables Indie Developers And Women Gamers To Level Up

Mobile gaming growth is breaking records. The real action is at the intersection of mobile gaming and esports—an interactive gaming genre that allows multiplayer competitions and powers stadium-packing tournaments—and developers, players and investors are paying attention.

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Revive Retention Rates With A New Framework

Customer acquisition costs are on the rise, forcing marketers to think more about retaining the users they’ve already spent mightily to obtain. But to keep your customers, you need to understand them.

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Beyond Growth Hacks: 3 Experts Share Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2020

A rigorous analysis of the reams of mobile and marketing predictions for the new year suggests 2020 will be remembered as the year mobile-first marketing finally grew up. The obsession with short-term gains and growth hacks that marked the last decade is fast being replaced by the realization that “fully-baked business models” and strategies that demonstrate financial self-control define the path to profitability and sustainability.

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Stopping Churn Before It Starts

When it comes to mobile, the advantages of offering the appropriate marketing and messaging at the appropriate point in the funnel can be massive. Indeed, research shows that sending targeted messages tailored to a specific customer segment can increase conversions by up to 200%.

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Four Expert Strategies To Help You Gear Up For Apps’ Biggest Year Yet

Brimming with apps and opportunity (over 6K new Android apps added daily to the Google Play app store alone) the app stores are set to pull in an incredible $120 billion in consumer spend by the end of the year, according to app store intelligence provider App Annie. That’s 5x the growth rate of the global economy, which means 2019 is destined to be the biggest year in mobile and apps yet.

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Use your ‘wildcard’ to break the rules and come up with breakthrough ideas

The soft launch is the most crucial stage in the lifecycle of your mobile gaming app. It’s the phase that determines if you are on track to deliver a game that has commercial potential. And it’s when you double-down to validate your product and double-check if your assumptions about your target audience — and how […]

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Gaming App Strategies To Achieve Growth Counter Rising Acquisition Costs

Gaming, a massive industry with an eye-watering $116 billion in revenue that dwarfs music and movies combined, dominates as the most popular (and profitable) form of entertainment on the planet. Its impressive success is powered by a string of blockbuster titles and franchises, and its high-octane growth is also fueled by the advance of mobile and […]

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Tear down the funnel and build a pyramid: The shift from purchase funnels to mobile customer journeys

In a market where the cost to acquire an app user is rising through the roof, and the increase in app abandonment (the number of users who quit an app after one use) is alarming, it’s clear that the traditional focus on top-funnel metrics is fatally flawed. Our focus on a linear journey is completely out of line […]

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How Fast Is Fast Enough? Mobile Load Times Drive Customer Experience And Impact Sales

Time is money!” used to be the command companies followed to boost their productivity and increase profits. Fast forward to a mobile-first world where research firm eMarketer forecasts a whopping 86.2% of the 3.75 billion Internet users worldwide will use a mobile phone to go online by end-2019, and the same maxim is the imperative companies must […]

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Shopping App Experts Advise How To Capitalize On The ‘Amazon Prime Day Effect

A week after Amazon Prime Day and a review of the data reveals the two-day shopping extravaganza didn’t just break records for the online commerce giant. It broke new ground for smart retailers who leaned into this annual event to create a deal event of their own or simply doubled-down on campaigns to drive customer […]