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AppLovin’s Daniel Tchernahovsky On The Hot Gaming Trends Worth Tracking

2 min read

Hybrid monetisation is in, and relying solely on either in-app purchases or ad-driven revenue to power profitability is out. There’s no question that modern monetisation is merging and morphing, so we called in a professional to help us navigate the trends we need to be watching through the rest of the year. Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP of Global Business Development at AppLovin, sees the games world from a different perspective and shares it all with Peggy Anne Salz and Brian Baglow. One trend on the top of his radar is maximising your LTV by customising your game to player spending habits. “The truth is that patterns of behaviour are a result of design,” Daniel says. The solution: design your game for high retention by sending users to a version of your game that resonates with their preferences. It can be heavy lifting, but Daniel has a few workarounds. To get the lowdown on all of his top trends and no-BS advice, listen in to this episode.