Retention & Engagement

Aligning Metrics For Value, Not Vanity With Vernesa Ćutuk

2 min read

What do you do when your organization is set on vanity metrics like clicks, and you are focused on the KPIs that really matter, like engagement and retention? How do you push for goals without sounding pushy? And when do you let users go because data shows winning them back will likely burn more cash than it generates in the longer term? These are the questions that CRM experts like Vernesa Ćutuk, Growth & CRM Consultant and ex-CRM Marketing Manager at Sleep Cycle, have to grapple with daily to show—and deliver—real value from CRM campaigns. Vernesa joins our host, Peggy Anne Salz, and special co-host, Jim Laurain, on this episode of The Groove. She explains engagement depth and teaches CRM professionals how to ditch the traditional D1/ D7/D30 measurement methods in favor of metrics tailored to their product and user triggers. Moreover, she divulges how to pinpoint and motivate elusive inactive users. Finally, she shares how she used CRM to raise app previews by 70% and the steps any CRM manager can take to prove their value in an organization.