Mobile Operators Can Learn From India To Promote Innovation, Rethink Revenue Models

indian marketHow can mobile operators cash in on the huge opportunities in the Indian mobile market? There is no silver-bullet solution. However, a more flexible approach to revenue share agreements would jumpstart services innovation and -- ultimately - benefit mobile operators (and everyone else in the value chain).

To drive this point home I recount observations from my most recent trip to India. I also summarize a raft of recent reports from leading analysts that describe (and quantify) the market for value-added services (VAS). Gartner, for example, predicts that the VAS market, including data, will grow from $3+ billion in 2010 (or 15 percent of the total mobile revenues) to $5+ billion in 2014 (or 21 percent).

Five From Five: Qualcomm Sees Mobile AR Enhancing Print, Education, Mobile Advertising & Smartphones

Qualcomm Jay WrightWe conclude our series of five innovators in mobile Augmented Reality (AR) with Jay Wright, Qualcomm Director, Business Development. In this capacity Jay is responsible for developing and driving Qualcomm's Augmented Reality (AR) commercialization strategy. Specifically, he manages Qualcomm's partnerships with innovators in industry and academia, and leads Qualcomm's efforts to enable AR within the mobile ecosystem.

Qualcomm made great strides in AR last year, releasing its AR Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android smartphones in October 2010. Offered through Qualcomm’s online developer network QDevNet, Qualcomm’s SDK enables a new breed of applications that delivers interactive 3D experiences on everyday objects, such as 3D gaming experiences on tabletops and interactive media experiences on product packaging and promotional items.

Five From Five: Mobile AR Gets More Personal

wikitude driveAs we move into Part 4 of our Five From Five mobile predictions from industry innovators in mobile Augmented Reality (AR), we reach out to Mobilizy, a pioneer in the space sharply focused on the development of location-based services and AR experiences for smartphones.

By way of background, Mobilizy -- the company behind the world-first Wikitude World mobile AR browser -- recently launched an app that is a leap ahead of other turn-by-turn navigation systems. Wikitude Drive (available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) is a fully functional mobile AR navigation system with global coverage that uses AR and the smartphone camera view to offer the driver navigation instructions.

Conversational Advertising Reaches Eager Audiences; But Don’t Offer One-Off Campaigns

permission based marketingConversational Advertising is the agreed messaging-based communication between people and the brands they want to hear from. It's also the title of a report from mobileSquared, a U.K.-based firm with a sharp (and unique) focus on in mobile engagement research.

It's good to note the new term ("Conversational Advertising") because its a marketing approach that will grow importance in 2011, driven by people's desire to control their personal data and the aim of brands and agencies to establish an on-going dialogue with consumers and brand advocates.

Five from Five: More Deals Fuel Mobile AR; Games Spur Activity & Interest

robert riceRobert Rice -- author, serial entrepreneur, futurist and mobile Augmented Reality (AR) expert/enthusiast -- is the second in our series of five innovators stepping up to offer predictions for 2011.

Robert is also the CEO of Neogence Enterprises, the company behind Mirascape, a location-based mobile platform that connects people, places, and things. The company is low-key but Robert's Skype profile gives us a glimpse of how disruptive he intends to be. It reads: "Mobile Augmented Reality. I'm going to change the world :)" I greatly look forward to following developments at Robert's company -- and I'm certain the impact will be seismic.

Hong Kong Mobile Operator CSL Reveals Real Impact Of Personalization On Mobile Data

mynet thumbnailPeople want what they want. As a result, they have come to expect – even demand – content and services in tune with their lifestyles and life stages. On mobile – the fiercely personal device we take with us everywhere – the requirement for relevancy is even greater, which is why personalization is poised to become a mobile megatrend. Put another way, personalized recommendations and schemes that effectively expose us to the content we are most likely to appreciate (content ranging from websites to marketing messages to mobile apps) are gaining traction.

One mobile operator that "gets" the strategic importance of personalization (if only to satisfy our own requirement for convenience and reduce the heavy-lifting when it comes to choosing our entertainment) is CSL, the leading mobile operator in Hong Kong with 2.6 million subscribers.

NeoMedia CEO Talks IP, Mobile Barcode Growth Opportunities & Best Practice

Laura MarriottToday we step up our coverage of the mobile code space with Laura Marriott, the acting CEO of NeoMedia Technologies. You may recall Laura's take on barcode trends and her list of 2011 industry predictions, which we published here in late December as part of the popular and viral Five From Five series showcasing the top five mobile code predictions from five of the leading barcode companies.

I caught up with Laura to discuss her view of the market (she predicts exponential growth of mobile codes and some agreement around methodology and standards) and get the inside track on progress with recent partnerships (including an update on the the tie-up with Buongiorno).

Mobile Meets Multimedia: Mobile Giving Foundation Expects Increase In Donations & Engagement

mobile givingA year ago this month the world witnessed a massive earthquake shook Haiti, and the citizens of the world, to their core. The extent of the damage following the disaster on January 12, 2010, quickly reached cataclysmic proportions. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake. The Haitian government also reported 230 thousand people died, 300 thousand were injured and 1 million were made homeless.

The earthquake also triggered a global response and a mobile awakening, moving mobile giving -- using our mobile phones to make donations to causes such as earthquake relief -- to the top of our minds and to the fore of the mobile industry agenda.

Mobile Renaissance: Netsize Guide Edition 2010 & updated edition

Mobile Renaissance: Netsize Guide Edition 2010 & updated edition

The Netsize Guide, that I write in partnership with Netsize (now a Gemalto company), is a comprehensive annual industry report, documenting the state of the global mobile content and services market. This year I focus on the case studies, business models and future scenarios that illustrate the profound impact mobile is having on all aspects of our daily lives and our global society. From new services aimed at achieving socioeconomic development goals in emerging markets, to the advance of smartphone features that support Augmented Reality applications that merge the physical and digital worlds around us, to the advance of mobile into new vertical industry sectors and disciplines, I show how mobile is moving us a giant step closer to a new Renaissance.

Mobile Society & Me: Netsize Guide Edition 2009

Mobile Society & Me: Netsize Guide Edition 2009

The Netsize Guide, that I write in partnership with Netsize (now a Gemalto company), is a comprehensive annual industry report, documenting the state of the global mobile content and services market. This year I explore the role of mobile in society and examine how companies are beginning to harness mobile and key features such as GPS, a built-in payment, and device capabilities to collect and transmit real-time data about what we browse and buy to create a new state of hyper-connectedness. The Netsize Guide features 34 interviews with industry senior executives at leading companies including Blyk, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Fox Mobile Group, Greystripe, MCN, Nokia, Sony BMG, YouTube, and Zed, to name a few.

Mobile 2.0 & You Are In Control: Netsize Guide Edition 2008

Mobile 2.0 & You Are In Control: Netsize Guide Edition 2008

I join with Netsize (now a Gemalto company) to produce a comprehensive annual industry report and almanac, documenting the state of the global mobile content and services market. On the 10th anniversary of Netsize, this edition of the Guide features the results of a survey of 1,800+ mobile communications professionals from 79 countries. It also features excerpts and insights from interviews I conducted with 25 c-level executives at leading companies including eBay, google, HighCo., Jamba, MSN, Nokia, PayPal, Visa, Vivendi Mobile Games, and Vodafone—to name a few.