Peggy Anne Salz

Peggy Anne Salz is one of the most influential and compelling speakers in the mobile marketing space. As a writer, analyst, consultant, and podcast host, she educates marketers on the latest trends in mobile marketing and helps companies navigate the complex landscape. As the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove — a top 50 ranked destination providing analysis, custom research, and strategic content marketing to the global mobile industry, and mentoring and consulting to tech startups — Peggy is recognized as one of the leading experts shaping the mobile world. She is also a nine-time author, a frequent Forbes contributor and guest contributor for a variety of leading media outlets — including Harvard Business Review — where she shares her insights on mobile marketing, mobile apps, customer engagement, and business innovation.

Named one of the Top 100 Influencer at Mobile World Congress, Peggy also hosts the weekly podcast Mobile Presence, spotlighting the global trends, tools, and tips that allow marketers to drive customer connection, dramatically grow retention, and generate new revenue streams on mobile using individualized campaigns and communications. She also co-hosts Retention Masterclass, a bi-weekly podcast and video interview series educating marketers and mobile publishers around the strategies, metrics, and frameworks they can harness to drive lasting loyalty.

In her capacity as Chief Content Officer of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA Germany), Peggy produces podcasts, videos, webinars, and blogs to equip members and marketers in Germany and globally with best practices and growth strategies to power campaigns, brand storytelling, and user engagement.



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