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A SKAN 4.0 Crash Course: From Value Mapping To Predictive Modeling With InMobi’s Dharak Desai

2 min read

If Michael Phelps [were] a DSP, we’d beat him right now,” says Dharak Desai in a recent LinkedIn post. Comparing your company to the all-time most decorated Olympian is no small statement. Still, Dharak believes that, like Michael Phelps, InMobi has the talent to take it and its customers to the top. In this episode of The Groove, in collaboration with the 5 O’Clock Club, Dharak, Director of Sales & Strategy at InMobi, outlines how the multinational mobile marketing platform’s drive to innovate and constantly push boundaries made it AdWeek’s Readers’ Choice Best Mobile Ad Network 2022 and is now helping thousands of advertisers jump into new waters  and “learn how to swim in this sea of SKAN.” This episode is packed with information as Dharek breaks down InMobi’s SKAN 4.0 Readiness Checklist, its post-SKAN bidder with pre-SKAN capabilities, and how marketers can understand predictive modeling, monetization, and measurement through a contextual advertising lens.