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A Masterclass With Mastercard’s CMO on Values, Loyalty, and Rethinking Brand

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Global events have not only accelerated business transformation and change, they’ve upended consumer perception of what brands must do and stand for in challenging times.

It’s down to values and building the capabilities to show, not tell, according to a recent report from data intelligence firm Morning Consult. The findings reveal that more than 8 in 10 US adults are inclined to purchase products from companies that they feel help people and treat their employees well. “It’s no longer about talking about values,” the report concludes.”It’s about demonstrating them.”

Put another way, marketers should focus efforts to offer consumers helpful advice rather than a hard sell.

It’s a bold statement echoed in Quantum Marketing, the best-selling book by Mastercard Chief Marketing Officer Raja Rajamannar. In it, he shares the forward-thinking ways all businesses must reevaluate their entire marketing landscape to remain relevant and successful.

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